Our Clients

We work with organisations who wish to their organisational performance to the next level and beyond

At Lead Beyond our key focus is on supporting organisations to create a collaborative performance culture, achieve their strategic objectives and keep them at the leading edge.

We work with proactive organisations who value their employees, care about their needs and are ready to invest in their development. Organisations who realise that their performance is closely connected to the corporate culture, who take a significant stand for leadership development and managerial effectiveness. Organisations who want their workforce to be fully engaged in creating a proactive culture where they are empowered and encouraged to grow and expand their thinking.

Whether you’re looking to:

  • transform your organisational culture
  • develop high performing leaders and teams
  • develop your high potentials, or support/retain key staff
  • enhance the performance, productivity and work/life balance of your executives and leaders
  • optimise innovation and business development opportunities
  • ensure the success of a key project or event

…our highly impactful programmes unleash the potential of your people and expand their capacity to bring about real change, growth, and achieve long-lasting results!

Planning for Success

In our experience, we’ve found that the organisations that benefit the most from our development and change programmes are:

  • Focused on Sustainability – They’re looking to develop and build long term performance, not just get a quick fix. They understand that sustainable change and performance development happens over time, not overnight, and are committed to investing their resources appropriately.
  • Willing to Work in Partnership – They engage with us as partners to develop a programme that will meet their strategic objectives. This facilitates maximum results and we work together at each stage of the project and share decision making.
  • Committed to Learning and Growth – They’re proactive and committed to developing and growing their people and see this as an integral part of a high performance strategic business model.
  • Looking for a Leading Edge Approach – They’re looking for a cutting edge approach and are willing to invest time, energy and resources in new models and tools in line with the latest thought leadership in change and performance development.
  • Open to New Ideas – As Einstein so eloquently put it… “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them…” Our most successful clients recognise this and are open to new ways of thinking and doing things.
Our ApproachIf many of these are true for your organisation, then it’s highly likely that we can help you make substantial leaps forwards in your organisational performance. Now you know the kind of organisations we work successfully with, click on this link to learn more about our approach.


Clients of Lead Beyond and its’ associates include:

Banking and Financial Services

AIG Private Bank
Ernst & Young LLP
Lloyds TSB Bank
Merrill Lynch
Meyers Norris Penny LLP
Price Waterhouse Coopers
Standard Bank
Tudor Capital

Charity and Non-Profit

Ski Club of Great Britain
St Clare Hospice


Queen Mary University of London
St Mary’s University, Twickenham

Energy and Utilities


Health and Leisure

LA Fitness
Nuffield Hospitals
Yves Rochers


Carlton Ritz Hotels


AXA Insurance
Legal & General


Kingsley & Napley

Media & Communications

Riddle International

Public Sector

CPS (Crown Prosecution Service)

Retail / Consumer

Coca Cola
Sainsbury plc



Our ApproachNow you know the kind of organisations we work successfully with, click on this link to learn more about  our approach.


What Clients Say

Our ApproachNow you’ve heard what our clients say about us, click on this link to learn more about  our approach.


Courage is an opportunity presented to us all… to shape a vision into
reality. Will you stand in the shadows, or step forward and become
a leader? You clearly have the choice… 
(Anthony Robbins)